Success Story: First public capital increase successfully carried out via daura

The startup Athena Wisdom Institute AG was the first company to successfully complete its public capital increase via daura.

Especially for start-ups, the issue of new shares and access to new groups of investors has so far been complex and cost-intensive. The daura platform enables companies to maintain their share register digitally and to issue new digital shares or participation certificates easily, quickly and inexpensively in the context of capital increases.

Athena Wisdom Institute AG was founded in 2019 and communicated last year its public capital increase via the daura digital share platform. All investors registered on daura, the existing network and customers had the opportunity to participate in the startup. Now the capital increase was successfully completed and the company was able to attract new investors.

“Being able to complete a capital increase is a very positive sign for the existing shareholders on the one hand and for the customers on the other hand. It signals strength and growth potential. “, says Simone Junod about the successfully completed capital increase. In the coming months, the start-up company plans to continue its marketing and sales activities and to further develop its leadership and well-being offering.

The reason why Simone Junod chose the daura solution was the access to investors, the network and the pleasure of working with a team of experts. “The digital platform is an ideal solution for handling a capital increase and keeping a share register. When I learned about the possibility of carrying out a capital increase digitally, I wanted to be involved right away – I used to work in a Fintech start-up and I liked it a lot. I wanted to be part of it and I am proud that Athena Wisdom Institute AG is the first company that has handled a public capital increase in this way. I would like to say a big thank you to the daura team for their support and competent guidance throughout the whole process”.

About Athena Wisdom Institute AG
Athena Wisdom Institute AG is a training and well-being institute. We believe in the power of each individual to change the world. With more diverse voices in positions of power and influence, our society will become both more equal, equitable, innovative, and productive. Our science-based and holistic education programs aim at developing inspired and courageous leaders, and to support companies to implement conscious leadership and well-being within their culture. They obtain the adequate skills and tools to anticipate change and to navigate to an ever increasingly complex environment. We guide the next generation of leaders to take on the unprecedented challenges of today to create a sustainable future – determined to make the world a better place.