KYC Spider is the first company which handle its general assembly digitally via daura

KYC Spider AG successfully held its annual general meeting on 15.06.2020 digitally and with direct participation of its shareholders.

The general assembly was configured online via the daura platform in advance. With the automated workflow, the shareholders entitled to vote could be informed digitally and invited to the general meeting. The shareholders received a so-called “token” as voting rights identification, which enabled clear identification, real-time voting and a direct evaluation of the vote for the company and its shareholders in real time. The results were logged on the daura blockchain infrastructure, which is operated by Swisscom and Swiss Post. daura is a platform that enables Swiss SMEs to issue their shares completely digitally and to keep the share register on a block chain. The “General Meeting” module can be used by all Swiss AGs, even if the shares have not been digitized. Another general meeting will soon be held by a client who uses the full range of services offered by daura (share register, capital increase, general meeting) and can thus take full advantage of the benefits of digital shares.